This is a public communication.
Welcome, this website is a virtual exhibition of the artwork on display from August 25 - September 24, 2023, at the Elgin Art Space Lofts. 
This group art show addresses the layered social, economic, and political obstacles that prevent artists from achieving more. This show aims to simulate a space where communication is encouraged, criticized, and public. 
Community Arts: Public Communication, (COM ARTS: PUB COMM) is a group art show analyzing public life and effective communication. This group of artists offers a rich variety of materials and processes that reflect the cluttered, electric, and complex experience of the local community and art. 
Featured Artists:
Adrian Mesino - Illustrator; watercolor, digital, print. Art-Theorist
Emily Baughman - Painter; acrylic. Poet
Trina - Sculptor, found and repurposed media
Mog - Illustrator; drawing 
Ivette De Santiago - Conceptual, Photography,
Nick Jostes - Designer; drawing, collage
Augie Morado -  Writer, Conceptual  
Malory Hiroka - Painter; mixed media
These 8 Elgin areas are curated by Adrian Mesino, Illustrator, Art-Theorist, and resident at the Elgin Art Space Lofts. 
Additional Work
Additional work has been selected via open-call submissions. These pieces help illustrate the theme further. 
Elgin Art Space Lofts Residents
Residents of the Elgin Art Space Lofts have been invited to submit work that relates to the theme.
We would like to welcome Pink Slip Zine as a guest curator to this exhibition!
Director Skylar Moore and Natalie Stellato have curated 4 visual artists and 3 performing artists for the exhibition, as well as hosting a table for information about their group!

Pink Slip is a grassroots group of women, non-binary individuals, and men from Elgin, IL, and the Chicagoland area. 

Guest Curators Skylar Moore and Natalie Stellato of Pink Slip Zine
The Artwork