Bound 2022: An Illustrated Response by Adrian Mesino
BOUND is a musical group formed in late 2020 composed of its members Anthony Vichio, Brett Meyer, Paul Hill, Willow Maze, and Dirt Brankovic. This band delivers narrative, using the wall of sounds made by its musicians to access the animalistic fear of punishment and the religious imagination. 
Album Art by Dirt Brankovic
Engineered by Dirt Brankovic
Edited, Mixed, Mastered by Derek Allen
"A blind man is sent to Limbo where he faces judgment from BOUND.
This album is that story."

I feel helpless in this, it's a surrounding feeling.
Heaven Is Full of White Arches… but I Am a Sinner at My Core is BOUNDS' first studio project releasing March 11, 2022. This album embraces the sounds of Hardcore music while corrupting its structures with experiments in musical autonomy. The result is an organic gothic sound or the reframing of the genera at the end of its lifetime; a dissection of its elements so profound it kills the damn thing. Its themes evoke the drama of Midwest emo, integrity is clear in the uncompromising delivery of its performers. The performers move as a unit; a cloud of drums hangs overhead, the rocky volatile terrain of the vocals, the atmospheric pressure of bass, noise scorches the earth and guitar like a column of light. 
Swallowed alive.
The absolute overwhelming quality of nature, its mass information I cannot consolidate into 2D space. The painter is tortured by their own sight. The chaos of uncontrollable organic forms, not as we recognize them but as visual noise, is devastating to attention
I recognize this is music, but I am not sure how we got here. I am sure they are playing with instruments, but I begin to dissociate the instrument from the sound. 
This sound is now independent of its source.
This sound is now a symbol. 
It's so hard to remember what an instrument looks like anymore; they stole that from us.
This imaginary landscape is so big and terrifying. The textures are rough ocean waves that batter the edges of a rocky shore. Clouds that bleed veins of lighting. The overwhelming quality of fog rolling down a mountain. I might be swallowed by this landscape. 
I am obsolete in the eye of nature. I surrender to the landscape, it has won. Another painter this year.
Send me straight to hell.
Listen to Heaven Is Full of White Arches… but I Am a Sinner at My Core by BOUND available now on streaming platforms. Follow them on Instagram @bound_death.

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