Hello, my name is Adrian Mesino.
I am an artist/illustrator living in Elgin, Illinois.
RMCAD Junior in Illustration
Welcome to my portfolio!
My series titled “The Book of Flowers” is a collection that I began In 2017 serving as a reflection of my relationship to the natural world as a vivid visual experience through watercolor illustration. “The Book of Flowers” is a dedicated study of the shapes and colors found in nature. The use of a restrictive color palette (8 individual watercolor paints) shows the range of colors found in a single paint, similar to the Illinois foliage which shifts color dramatically through the year. This restriction makes sure that all mixtures of colors are harmonious and the colors are consistent thought-out the series. In combination, these paints create the neutral greens, warm reddish-browns, and bright yellows in the recognizable analogous color palette reminiscent of the Midwest autumns which bring similar palettes to our trees.
The style of leaves I paint is achieved through the meticulous application of negative watercolor layers. This negative style draws emphasis on the individual forms found in the foliage, which contribute to the overall visual rhythm of my pieces. The repeated foliage style throughout the works found in the backgrounds of most of the painting shows the strength of watercolor to create a full range of values when used in a negative painting style. This helps me achieve high contrast layers and create the illusion of depth. The elements in each piece are first simplified into basic shapes and then built from organic lines. Later in the process, opaque watercolor/gouache accents are added to create visual interest and focus to areas of the painting; painted emphasis.  My character design and simplified perspective provide a youthful and unassuming quality to my paintings.

Watercolors, Various Brands, 2019

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